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By Mary Ventura

By CIindy Juyoung Ok

By Hans Ulrich Obrist

By Edith Söderström och Helena Boberg

By Nicole Tommasulo

By Gabriel Itkes-Sznap

By Göteborgs-Posten

By Debilal Mishra

By Roughghosts

edited by Sophie Collins, Test Centre, 2017

단 한 편의 시 ―김혜순의 돼지복음서 The Only One Poem - Kim Hyesoon's Gospel of Pig

by 권혁웅 Kwon, Hyuk Woong

세 마리의 눈 먼 돼지 Three Blind Pigs (on Kim Hyesoon's Poetry)

by 조재룡 Cho, Jae Ryong

Constant Critic: Mommy Must Be a Fountain of Feathers

[Audio] Two Voices Salon with Don Mee Choi on Kim Hyesoon

by twolines  

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